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Electronic limiter and Blackbox eagle


Eagle is the new brain for your industrial crane. Designed with a multioverload protector, safety control, multi anticollision crane system and full connection with the Black Box app.


• Can control up to 4 hoists.
• Up to 10 combinations of the sum of loads.
• Up to 30 configurable limits with direct actuation over output
• Up to 4 different zones of Load control.
• 2 Safety relays.
• 10 Output relay (N.O. / N.C.).
• 12 Digital inputs (48 a 220 Vac/Vdc).
• 4 PTC temperature sensor inputs.
• Multiconnectivity (RS-232/485, USB, RF, Wifi, GPRS, Profibus,
CANopen, Modbus, Ethernet, …).
• High flexibility in inputs/outputs configuration.


Electronic limiter designed according the European regulation of general safety of machines, accomplishing PLd and category III in its complete configuration.

Limiter and blackbox system for a bridge crane registering all movements of hoist, trolley and bridge independently.

Complete register of weighings, overloads and load spectrum to get a complete monitoring.

SWP controller according Standard FEM 9.755.

Safety control when cranes work in tandem mode.

eagle device is open to be adapted to new applications and tailor made solutions.


Eagle is an electronic limiter focused on the industrial sector.