60 Ton capacity Transfer Cart

60 Ton Transfer Cart


In this article we want to introduce you to one of our latest projects, a transfer cart for Volkswagen with the capacity to move objects up to 60 tons.

Transfer carts: when are they needed??


Transfer carts are the perfect choice for moving heavy loads on the floor. The reasons for using transfer carts instead of cranes to move objects are several:

  • The object is so heavy that it exceeds the load limits that our crane can lift..
  • We need to move the load a greater distance than we can cover with a crane (for example in the case of needing to transport the load from one warehouse to another or from a working space to another)
  • The object or load to be transported must be repositioned or reoriented and our crane does not have a rotary hoist.
  • There is very little space available for manoeuvring with a crane.
  • There are structural limits that we cannot eliminate or save with a crane (columns, beams, walls separating spaces, differentiated and separated spaces because it is required by safety or fire regulations…)

In any of these cases a transfer cart is the ideal solution to move any type of load smoothly, efficiently and without making a large investment in adapting the company’s facilities.

Tailored to your needs

The great advantage of a transfer cart is that it can be adapted exactly to the characteristics of your company or workspace.

In order to start up a transfer cart, it will not be necessary to make major reforms or changes in the facilities.

Infrastructure construction works will only be necessary in the case of transfer carts moving on rails. Also, when accesses have to be saved, sometimes they have to be extended in dimesnions, but these occasions are very rare to happen.

60T Transfer Cart for Volkswagen

Displacement capacity up to 60 tons

Warning lights when the cart is in motion

Exactly designed to the customer’s requests

Control of the transfer cart through a radio control and wireless control system, without the need for cabling or driver’s cabin.

The two shafts of the carriage are directional shafts for perfect and precise manoeuvres

Transfer cart powered by industrial batteries of high capacity and power that allows the machine to move without wiring

Remember that if you need a transfer cart for your company in Airpes we have extensive experience in the design and construction of transfer carts of all types and for any industry, with the ability to work in environments with potentially explosive or electrical hazards, indoor or outdoor and adapting the design of the machine to other lifting systems or customer needs.