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Discover our display products: panels, repeaters, load indicators and macro-displays ready to work at different environments or structures.
In the weighing, lifting and handling sector, owning the right display can make your job a lot easier. A good display must be adapted to the needs of each situation. Depending on the type of machinery, you can need a specific type of display or a display with special features.

In Airpes we have a display for every situation. A classic like the ARR-100 display, a repeater display for keypad as ARB-40, AVM-56 display or the ART-40 repeater display. If you work with mobile structures with high vibration, you need a macro display as the AMR-240 macro display or the AMR-130 macro display.

The display controls the scales and gives us information, becoming a very important element in your job. Discover what display fits more your business needs.

Load indicator AVM-56

Load indicator AVM-56 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The AVM-56 model of load indicator has been designed to control any scale, platform, loading cell or groups of loading cells. [+]

Built-in load indicator ART-40

Built-in load indicator ART-40 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The ART-40 built-in load indicator has been designed to be built-in in control panels, desks, with a very easy installation and receives information from our visors. [+]

Load Indicator ARR-100

Load Indicator ARR-100 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The ARR-100 load indicator controls the product coming in or going out, storage control, stock checking, and can receive signal from a scale or an Airpes device. [+]

Repeater for panel of push buttons ARB-40

Repeater for panel of push buttons ARB-40 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The ARB-40 is a repeater of weight designed by Airpes as a complement of the ALE-100 limiter, sited in the panels of push buttons by cable for the control of the devices. [+]

Macro-Display AMR-240

Macro-Display AMR-240 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The AMR-240 Macro-display has been designed in order to work on mobile structures and with a high degree of vibration. [+]

Macro-Display AMR-130

Macro-Display AMR-130 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The AMR-130 is designed to work on mobile structures with a high degree of vibration. Its structure of aluminium convert it into a light and accessible macro-display. [+]

Macro-Display AMR-60

Macro-Display AMR-60 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The AMR-60 Macro-display works on mobile structures and with vibration The dimension and luminosity in its digits allows visualization from long distances. [+]

Bi-scale radio receiver AMM-40

Bi-scale radio receiver AMM-40 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The AMM-40 model of bi-scale radio receiver is a receiver of weight especially designed to receive the weight by radio from up to 2 scales. [+]