Lifting Tongs for Steel Objects: Types, Uses, and Benefits

Lifting Tongs for Steel Objects: Types, Uses, and Benefits - Crosby Airpes

If you work in the steel industry, you know the importance of having the right equipment for the job. One of the essential tools for lifting steel objects is lifting tongs. These powerful tools can easily lift heavy steel coils, plates, and other components. In this post, we’ll look closer at lifting tongs for steel objects, including the different types available and their benefits.

Types of lifting tongs for steel

Several different lifting tongs are available, each designed for specific uses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types:

Coil Lifting Tongs

Steel coil tongs are handy for handling large strip or cable steel coils. As the clamps open and close laterally to allow the coils to be picked up and released, they can lift various types in size, dimensions, and weight. Crosby Airpes lifting tongs for steel coils are usually installed in companies in the steel or metal sectors.

Do you want to know more? Discover the details behind the design of lifting tongs.

Scissor lifting tongs

Scissor lifting tongs are designed to lift steel objects such as plates and sheets. They feature scissor-like arms that can grip the object securely, allowing for safe and easy lifting. These lifting clamps can be designed with an electrical or mechanical mechanism and can be significantly customized. The great advantage of this design is that it has a straightforward mechanism that requires almost no maintenance.


Lifting tongs for steel plates

Lifting tongs for steel plates (or sheet lifters) are similar to scissor lifting tongs but are designed specifically for lifting plates. They feature a flat, adjustable surface that securely grips the plate, with a mechanism of opening and closing clamps, allowing for safe and easy lifting.

Tips and recommendations on selecting the right lifting tongs for steel objects

It’s essential to choose the right type of lifting tongs for your specific application and work environment. Some factors to consider are:


  • Weight and size of the load: the lifting tongs’ capacity should be sufficient to handle the load that needs to be lifted. It’s also important to consider the size of the load and ensure that the jaws of the lifting tongs are large enough to hold it securely.
  • Type of load: depending on the load that needs to be lifted, a specific type of lifting tongs may be necessary. For example, coil lifting tongs are designed to lift steel coils, while scissors are better suited for lifting steel plates and sheets.
  • Work environment: the work environment is also essential to consider. If space is limited or some obstacles interfere with lifting, a smaller lifting tong or one with specific maneuverability features is the best option.
  • Safety requirements: it’s always important to ensure that the selected lifting tongs meet applicable safety standards and have safety features such as locking devices and non-slip pads.

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Other types of lifting tongs

Lifting tongs can be used not only for metallic materials but can also be adapted for many uses.


Railway sleeper lifting tongs

Railway sleeper lifting tongs are designed to lift and move railway sleepers. They feature adjustable jaws that grip the sleeper securely, allowing for safe and easy lifting.


Tunnel concrete segment tongs

Tunnel concrete segment tongs are designed for handling concrete segments used in tunnel construction. These lifting tongs feature adjustable jaws to accommodate different sizes and shapes of concrete segments, allowing for safe and efficient handling. Additionally, they are equipped with various safety features, such as locking devices and non-slip pads, to ensure operator and load safety.


Paper coil tongs

In the case of the paper industry, paper coil tongs enable effective roll handling within the plants of industrial paper producers or consumers. Its design has adaptations designed not to damage the material (paper is softer than steel) and perfectly complements this type of industry.

Versatile lifting tongs for steel objects with added functionalities at Crosby Airpes

Lifting tongs are one of our product portfolio’s most used and versatile lifting and handling systems. You can use them for the lifting and handling of steel coils and also for various types of materials, besides being able to be adapted to perform several types of services simultaneously or to adapt to objects of different measures and dimensions.

At Crosby Airpes, we have several versions of lifting tongs for steel objects. Each of the lifting tongs we install can be equipped with complementary material that gives extra capacities, such as integrated weighing, lights and sound, radio control, reading of bar codes of the coil for stock control, and a long etcetera of added functionalities. The only limit is the crane’s capacity to move the clamp.