Lifting tongs for steel objects

Lifting tongs are one of the most used and versatile lifting and handling systems of all those we have in our product portfolio. They can be used for the lifting and handling of steel coils and also for various types of materials, besides being able to be adapted also to perform several types of services at the same time or to adapt to objects of different measures and dimensions. At Airpes we have several versions of lifting tongs for steel objects.

Types of lifting tongs for steel

We can start from a basic design and then adapt it, however thanks to our experience and the large number of installations we have made during the years Airpes already has several versions of lifting tongs in standard format that can later be customized. Each one of the lifting tongs that we install can be equipped with complementary material that gives extra capacities, such as integrated weighing, lights and sound, radio control, reading of bar codes of the coil for stock control and a long etcetera of added functionalities. We can design the coils with those capacities that the client requires: the only limit is the capacity of the crane that is going to move the clamp.

Lifting tongs for steel coils

Steel coil tongs are very useful for handling large strip or cable steel coils. As the clamps open and close laterally to allow the coils to be picked up and released, they can lift various coil types in terms of size, dimensions and weight. Airpes lifting tongs for steel coils are usually installed in companies in the steel industry or in the metal sector. If you want more information about this system you can see it here.

Scissor lifting tongs

Scissor lifting clamps are mainly used for lifting steel beams. This type of lifting clamps can be designed with an electrical or mechanical mechanism and can be customized to a great extent. The great advantage of this design is that it has a very simple mechanism that requires almost no maintenance. For more information about the scissor lifting tongs just have a look at its description.

Lifting tongs for steel plates (sheet lifter)

Although technically the sheet lifter looks different than the other tong systems, it does share similarities with them. This mechanism allows steel plates to be lifted comfortably and quickly, with a mechanism of opening and closing clamps adapted for the handling of plates. More information can be found in the product sheet.

Other types of lifting tongs

Lifting tongs can be used not only for metallic materials but can also be adapted for a multitude of uses.

Railway sleeper lifting tongs

This is a tailor-made design of lifting tongs made for a company that manufactures concrete sleepers for railways. This mechanism allows the company to effectively manage its stock of sleepers. More details can be found in this blog article.

Paper Coil Tongs

In the case of the paper industry, paper coil tongs enable effective roll handling within the plants of industrial paper producers or consumers. Its design has adaptations specifically designed not to damage the material (paper is softer than steel) and perfectly complement this type of industry. If you want more information about it you can visit the product sheet