Adjustable Lifting beam

Adjustable lifting beams are also called adjustable center of gravity lifting beams. These devices allow to lift loads that are not balanced in the center of the beam.

Adjustable lifting beams from Airpes


Lifting beams in the most classic design are generally solutions designed to move loads at low heights. For example, they are the optimal solution for moving objects within industrial halls and generally in spaces with a low ceiling height (low headroom).

A classic lifting beam is designed to lift loads whose weights are evenly distributed along the entire line. However, there are many objects that are not symmetrical or that have their centre of gravity shifted to one side.

In the case above, an unadjustable, symmetrical lifting beam will cause the load to swing to one side or the other when lifted.

The two types of adjustable lifting beams

At Airpes we can design two types of adjustable lifting beams according to customer needs. These adjustable lifting beams can be designed and constructed in their most basic form or so that they work in semi-automatization.

Adjustable lifting beams

At Airpes we offer the possibility of designing your lifting beams according to your exact lifting needs. In addition from Airpes we can advise you on the safest way to lift a specific type of load without prejudice to the stability of it. We can design adjustable lifting beams that adapt to complex lifting systems.

Extensible lifting beams

Airpes also offers the possibility of installing extensible lifting beams, which perform the same function as adjustable lifting beams, but they do so with the extension of the length of the beam or frame. The beam extension also balances the weights for optimum and safe load lifting. The great advantage of extensible lifting beams is that the beam or frame extension is done mecanically by semi-automatic hydraulics systems.

This allows the beam to be adapted to very different unbalanced loads in a matter of minutes and reduces the need to manipulate the load frame manually or by an operator.

Extensive experience in a wide range of sectors

In Airpes we have designed lifting beams for sectors such as steel, automotive, construction, wind power and renewable energy, aerospace companies, aviation, and a long list of industries that have adjustable lifting beams designed by Airpes.

Other types of lifting beams

At Airpes we have designed hundreds of lifting beams, adjustable or not, that adapt to the specific needs of a company or sector:

  • Adjustable lifting beams
  • H lifting beams
  • Lifting beams with motorized rotation
  • Lifting beams with automatic levelling

Contact us so that we can study your situation and design that lifting beam that will adapt to the needs of your company and your lifting system.