Design of an electromagnet beam and an AGV Car for Gestamp

Electromagnet beam and AGV Car for Gestamp 01 | News | Airpes


We’ve got a new on demand solution to talk about. North American Company Gestamp Wind Steel USA needs to lift Steel plates up to 55 feet long.

Airpes is responsible of designing, manufacturing and testing an extensible electromagnet, as well as a transfer car for this project.



Magnetic lifting beam

The electromagnet beam consists of four brackets assembled on the main body. Also, it consists on a bracket assembled on each of the two telescopic beams. Each holder contains 2 permanent electromagnet modules.

Electromagnets magnetize the steel plates’ surface, avoiding possible damages and deformations. This also allows a safe transport during the process of lifting and storing the plates.

Telescopic beams increase or decrease the distance between modules. You can select how many modules are magnetized.

Its is possible to use different selections of the magnetic lifting beam. It depends on the section of the tool to be magnetized and the lifting load.


Electromagnet beam and AGV Car for Gestamp 00 | News | Airpes

AGV Transfer Car

The self-propelled and remote-controlled electric transfer cart comes with power cable. This is for a transport through two metal rails with a greatest slope of 3%. This cart purpose is to transport stored steel plates on a polyethylene-covered bed .

We equip this AGV Car with 2 assembled electric motors that move two of the four steel wheels. The electric motors allow a largest speed without load of 130 ft / min. For safety reasons, when the weight sensor system detects full loading, it reduces speed to 7 ft / min.

When the load protrudes from the cart, we add more support: 4 folding arms at each corner of the cart, and 8 along the sides.

The transport car includes a radar system on the front and rear for obstacle detection. This includes objects or people along the road of the AGV car. When detecting an obstacle, the transfer car slows down and, at the smallest distance, it stops. Additionally, there are end-of-road induction sensors on the AGV car to stop it at the end.

To control the movement of this tool, at Airpes we supplied:

  • 2 remote controllers
  • 1 wireless controller
  • Another controller connected via cable to the car


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