Lifting Magnets Installation in America

Lifting magnets installation in America


This electromagnet lifting system installed in America is working since 2012 in a high service factor plant, allowing to lift ferromagnetic materials of very different shapes and configurations. From lath sheets, to rods and sticks or iron and steel beams, Airpes electromagnets play a basic role in the logistics and material handling of the whole plant. 

How does a lifting electromagnet work?

The basic structure of any electromagnet is really simple. For making it easy to understand we will simplify it to the max: an electromagnet is a wire coiled around a core of magnetic material, usually iron. When we apply electric current to this wire it creates a magnetic field around it, the higher is the electric current applied, the greater will the magnetic field be.

Electromagnets are widely used everywhere, from engines to relays, your smartphone speakers, your computer hard-drive, the braking system of trains and tramways…literally everywhere. 

Electromagnets for lifting ferromagnetic materials


As we have said, the higher is the electric current we apply to the electromagnet, the bigger will be the magnetic field created. In the images attached to this article we can see the Airpes electromagnet lifting different quantities of materials, up to the physical limit of 7 tonnes that we can read in the hoist. That means that the crane operator can adapt the power of the lifting magnet to the quantity of material that needs to be lifted.

Design: reliable and low maintenance


Airpes is one of the worldwide leading companies when it comes to industrial lifting solutions. As we can adapt to any kind of industry we provide different hoists and lifting configurations according to the customer’s needs. When it comes to siderurgical industry or metal recycling plants, where almost a 100% of the materials produced are metallic-based, the leading lifting solution is the lifting by magnetization.

Adaptation and taylor-made solutions


Airpes electromagnet installations can be adapted, combined with other solutions and personalized to meet almost any customer requirement. We adapt the electromagnets to every existing crane installation, in terms of lifting capacity, extension and power.