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Find the best overhead cranes equipment at Airpes


At Airpes we are experts in weighing, handling and lifting. We work hard to make your job easier, designing, manufacturing and testing the equipment that you need for your overhead cranes.

Check out our new page about the overhead crane equipment that fits best your company and find out all about our job in helping you lift your loads.

Eagle, our latest electronic limiter for your industrial crane

One of our latest products is electronic limiter Eagle, considered the brain to your industrial crane. It is designed according to the European regulation of general safety of machines, and registers data and information about all movements of hoist, trolley and bridge, independently. It monitors everything that happens, including weighing, overloads and the load spectrum and is open to be adapted to new applications.


Control your overhead crane with Airpes and Autec’s radiocontrol equipment

Since 2003 we are an official Autec distributor through our worldwide network, and we are so proud to bring you the best wireless control systems designed for safety applications in overhead cranes, elevating work platforms, construction and maintenance and many more.

Handling and weighing systems for overhead cranes

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Load limiters for overhead cranes

Monitoring and protection of the bridges of your overhead cranes. One of our latest load limiters is the Eagle system.

Control your overhead crane with load cells

You can also capture weighing data of the overhead cranes through load cells. They inform us about the load’s weight in different conditions.

Hooks for your overhead cranes

Hooks are hanging from the overhead cranes and they control the entry and exit of products as well as the stock or storage.

Lifting beams

We design special lifting beams for renewable energy sources, industrial applications, solar energy and more.

Coil Tongs

Our engineers can design and adapt your coil tong regarding mechanical features or electronic components.

Permanent electromagnet

We design our own permanent electromagnet and it is based in reliability, heavy duty and flexibility.

Find the best equipment for your industrial cranes


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