Benefits and features of Airpes’ coil tongs

Why Airpes’ coil tongs are the solution to your needs

Does your business need to transport large reels? You probably have specific and highly demanding needs. At Airpes, we offer you the best coil lifting tongs and we tell you why.

AIRPES designs and manufactures its own coil tongs, adapting it to each customer’s needs with our taylor made solutions. Our coil tongs are fully motorized and its claws are adapted to multiple products which will be transported.



The highest quality standards

  • Certificated according the directive 2006/42/CE that replaces the directive 98/37/CE.
  • Laser cut plates, in S355 J2+N steel, steel tubes quality S355J2H hot rolled according EN-10210.

Electronic components

  • Frequency drives
  • PLC’s
  • Wi-Fi
  • GSM modem (for communication between components or Airpes technicians)
  • Integrating as optional Rotating systems from the coil on the vertical axis and weighing systems.

Coil tong equipment

  • Frequency drives for all the motors
  • One programmable PLC with software that permit the complete control of its use.

More benefits

  • Rotating head
  • Weighing System
  • Load transmission to Crane display or Computer
  • Automation working system
  • Wi-Fi/Radio/Provirus
  • Foldable Feet


Airpes’ coil tongs are the solution for coil transport of any size, because of it standard equipment, communication between components and because it strictly reaches the highest safety standards.

At AIRPES we are handling and weighing equipment experts. Do not hesitate to contact us so we can offer a solution designed specially for you.


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