Trends and opportunities in the Offshore Crane Market until 2022

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The future of the offshore crane market

Statistics MRC has done a market research of the Global Offshore Market, and have arrived to the conclusion that it will grow at almost 10% each year until 2022.

The study determines that installation of float-over and lift processes are rising, and that these offshore projects are becoming the major trends right now and up to 2022. While in 2015 the offshore market was accounted for $13.25 billion, it is expected to reach $25.79 by 2022.


North America, leading in the Global Offshore Market

While the latest market study determined that Asia is the biggest market in the lifting and handling market and Europe is improving its figures, in the Global Offshore Market North America is the leader followed by the Asia Pacific region.

The study also shows that South America could be an important player in the market because of the detection of new oilfields in Brazil. Then, it concludes that will be a growing demand for offshore projects in these regions: North America, South America and Asia.


Offshore Crane Trends 2022 02 | Airpes


Airpes, experts in offshore projects

At Airpes we have years of experience in the offshore field. We have designed, manufactured and tested many handling and lifting systems for offshore projects.

One of our newest on demand solutions was the design of a Blade Counterweight Tool for Haliade 150 Offshore. The client needed a counterweight tool to provide enough counterbalance to rotate their wind turbine rotor with one or two blades.

We also designed a permanent electro magnet solution for Dragados Offshore. We manufactured two 14 t. equipments with full capacity to work outdoors and in marine environments.


Find your offshore solution with Airpes

At Airpes we work hard to provide you the best solution to your need. Contact us, request a quote and we will help you find the lifting or handling system that you need, according to your company.