New on demand solution, blade counterweight tool for Haliade 150 Offshore

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A brand new offshore project for Airpes

It is a pleasure to present you our latest on demand solution: an offshore project we are very proud of and that has been highly successful.

It’s the design, manufacturing and testing of a blade counterweight tool for Haliade 150 Offshore turbine.

The client needed a counterweight tool that would provide enough counterbalance torque to rotate the Haliade 150 wind turbine rotor with one or two blades.

A project designed with ALSTOM / GE

For this project we have worked coordinated with one of the main multinational companies on sustainable mobility and energy sector, ALSTOM/GE.


Blade counterweight tool to turn the Haliade 150 turbine

The counterweight tool is lifted by a crane and bolted to hub flange. The driving torque is provided by the counterweight located at the end of a boom.

The design of the counterweight tool takes into account the following:

  • Fulfillment of all specifications
  • Minimize shipment requirements and assembly time at site
  • Optimize the weight of parts and size of actuators
  • Cost reduction

The blade tool counterweight was manufactured in late 2015 and tested in our facilities in Sabadell, Barcelona, followed by the launch in Nantes, with huge success.

If you want to know more about this project and the blade counterweight tool, go to the specific page of this solution as to resolve any issue.

Airpes’ offshore projects

This solution joins Airpes’ multiple offshore project such as the permanent electro magnets for Dragados Offshore.

If you are interested in carrying out an onshore or offshore project please contact us, we will find the on demand solution that your company needs, optimizing costs and ensuring a perfect operation.

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