Technical Lifting Solutions

In Airpes we are specialized in designing technical lifting solutions for those companies in the need for something else than a standard product. Our background expertise allows us to understand every customer needs’ and offer you a personalised and customized product that will have exactly the features and capacities you need. In this article we want to review the most notable technical lifting solution works we have done for companies needing a customized product.

Three examples of customized and specific lifting solutions designed by Airpes

Number #1 – Moving and lifting a wind turbine blade


The renowned danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas needed a solution for handling the blades for the eolic turbines they manufacture in their plant. The main problem Vestas was having was the cost of hiring the cranes and lifting equipment for the operations. In Airpes we designed a lattice that can be attached to the existing 30 T capacity reach stacker they were using inside the plant.

Number #2 – Automatic and adjustable lifting tongs for a warehouse


This tongs were designed with the base of our current lifting tongs but adapted to our customer from Germany Becker Stahl. The client contacted us because they needed a standard lifting solution for a single warehouse that could adapt to different products and dimensions. In Airpes we designed and engineered two sets of lifting tongs that can be controlled remotely through our AUTEC remote crane control system.

Packet Tongs | On Demand Solution | Airpes

Number #3 – Solution for handling steel plates up to 20 meters long


In this case this is a 100% customized solution for a client in the UK. The company works with steel plates, and they needed to handle plates some of them around 20 meters long. The previous handling system became obsolete, causing malfunctions and delays to the whole production chain. In Airpes we designed two lifting beams each one of them equipped with 64 vacuum pads. Each one of the beams are fitted with position sensors to make sure the steel plates are in the correct position and grabbed with the enough grip for not falling down before lifting them.

The most advanced technical lifting solutions for your company

In Airpes we are experts and have wide experience in engineering the lifting system that will allow you to do exactly what you want to do. Taylor made solutions adapted to your needs.