Handling and weighing supply for Bahru Stainless

Airpes has fulfilled the need for Bahru Stainless to increase its handling & weighing equipment.

Bahru Stainless is part of the Acerinox Group and a leader in the Annealing and pickling lines for hot and cold rolled coils. Involved in a large project since 2008, Bahru Stainless demanded handling & weighing equipment to Airpes.

Airpes, since its beginning, has been supplying handling and weighing equipment to the ACERINOX group, and for this particularly project we have supplied:

  • Coil Lifting Tongs 40t SWL
  • Sheet metal tongs with motorized tong arms which are adjustable in longitudinal and transverse direction.
  • 2 Weighing and motorized hook blocks.

Airpes’ technical team visited the Bahru Stainless factory in Malaysia to verify and validate the machines provided, with a result of complete satisfaction from the client.

Get to know all the details about this collaboration between Airpes and Bahru Stainless in its On Demand page.


Increase of handling and weighing equipment for Bahru Stainless