Safety measures to take when using crane scales

Safety measures to take when using crane scales - Crosby Airpes

You can use a crane scale to suspend massive or weighty loads and measure their weight within the workplace. This equipment helps minimize some risks associated with handling heavy loads because it simplifies the process of lifting and weighing and reduces the time spent transporting loads from one place to another to measure them.

Since crane scales help you carry heavy-duty material, you must consider additional safety measures to avoid any accidents regarding personal injury or goods damage. Let’s review six basic safety precautions to keep in mind when using a crane scale.

How to use crane scales safely

1. Ensure your crane scale is installed properly

Before using a crane scale, you must ensure that the equipment has been installed appropriately. The installation must follow the rules and necessities the manufacturer sets out in the relevant handbook and comply with safety measures. A proper installation will avoid problems, malfunctions, or accidents.


2. Only allows your trained workers to be the ones using the crane scale

Only those who are professionally trained can operate crane scales to avoid accidents. Heavy machinery needs knowledge and skills to be used safely, and crane scales are no exception.


3. Train your team in risk prevention

Training in occupational risk prevention is a must in every business, and it’s even more critical in environments where big loads must move around. Ensure your team has the training to keep from suspended loads and know the risks when operations occur.


4. Never pass under a suspended load

You should never go underneath a load suspended during the weighing process. If the load falls, it can cause severe injuries (such as broken bones) and property damage. There can never be enough caution.


5. Never go over the maximum load limit of the scale

To avoid breaking a crane scale, never exceed their maximum load limit. You have to know the exact load limit of your equipment and ensure you never trespass it. To obtain an accurate reading, you must stay within the suitable capacity; otherwise, you may damage the measuring element or the hook. If the hook is damaged, it can cause the load to fall (and consequent injuries and damage).


6. Performs periodic maintenance and inspections of the crane scale

Please ensure your weighing equipment, such as your crane scales, is inspected regularly to check for malfunctions or inaccurate readings. Periodic inspection and maintenance are mandatory to guarantee safety for your team. Moreover, it will be the only way to ensure the weighing data’s accuracy over time.


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