Airpes brings you new AUTEC Vision Systems for your lifting equipment

Airpes brings you new AUTEC Vision Systems - Lifting Equipment

As the official distributors from AUTEC in Spain and Portugal, we are glad to present you their new Vision Systems catalog. AUTEC is a worldwide leading manufacturer of wireless control devices for industrial machinery, and all our lifting devices can be equipped with AUTEC solutions. 


AUTEC Vision Systems to boost work efficiency of lifting equipment

AUTEC has developed AVS (AUTEC Vision System), a new feature designed to boost work efficiency by using video cameras with the cableless control systems of the Dynamic+P series and their 4.3″ displays (PJM and PJB models in the frequencies 870 MHz and 915 MHz).

Graphic color interface - New AUTEC Vision Systems - Airpes

Color footage is transmitted to the portable station in real-time, enhancing performance in many mobile device applications, especially when the operator needs to monitor blind spots on a machine.

AVS consists of three standard system units:

  • PAU (Power and Acquisition Unit): this system was developed by AUTEC to power the A/D video converter, up to two video cameras, and the access point.
  • Access Point: this is an industrial access point. It broadcasts a wi-fi network for the 4.3″ display (programmable with JMobile) to read the video output.
  • Vídeo Cameras: there are two different model lines for the Brigade video cameras, the Elite series, and the Select series.

Video cameras main technical characteristics - New AUTEC Vision Systems - Airpes

Advantages of the AUTEC Vision System

The graphic color interface of this viewing system of AUTEC is 100% configurable, the only one of its kind on the market. Its overlapping function means that video camera images, data, and any messages or alarms can be configured to appear simultaneously on the display.

This significant advantage allows operators to control all machine parameters, ensuring precise machine movements while observing obstacles.

The system can be designed to work with up to four video cameras. It can display two video feeds simultaneously. As always, AUTEC quality means radio connections are reliable, installation is adaptive, and functionality is flexible.

Operation - New AUTEC Vision Systems - Airpes

AUTEC displays with bi-directional communication

Thanks to bi-directional communication with portable stations, you can view machine messages on high-efficiency graphic displays available from 1.8″ to 7″.

Graphic displays provide excellent visualizations of operating parameters, machine status, and other information that helps make your work safer and more efficient. All AUTEC displays can be used in sunny, open-air locations, ensuring the perfect legibility of visual information and graphics.

Main Technical Features - New AUTEC Vision Systems displays - Airpes

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Improve your Airpes lifting equipment with AUTEC Vision System

We can install AUTEC devices in any of our lifting solutions, mobile or fixed machines from any sector:

  • Construction
  • Material handling
  • Intralogistics
  • Steel sector
  • Wind Energy sector