Heavy Industrial Weighing Scales

What features an industrial scale has to have

When we talk about heavy duty industrial weighing scales we have to think in two main characteristics: precision and simplicity.

First of all, precision is extremely necessary for many reasons: for knowing the exact quantity of product we are selling or buying, for not going wrong on percentage when mixing ingredients at large scale…

Simplicity means that our scale has to do its job in a quick way and has to be adapted to our needs and our production chain and no the other way around. Having those two features in mind we will have a look at all the different heavy duty industrial weighing scales we offer in Airpes.

The two main types of industrial scales

A – Hanging Scales


These are one of the most versatile heavy duty industrial weighing scales in the market. They usually have a hook and are placed and installed together with a crane, so there’s no need of building new infrastructures or adapting the existing ones. The fact of having a crane that can act as scale allows the operator of the crane to calculate weights at the same time is transporting them. In short: they perform weighing and lifting functions at the same time. This increases productivity and timings while moving weights. They can be installed virtually in any type of crane: overhead cranes, crane vehicles with a JIB, tower cranes… There are different models and each of them can have different features like radiocontrol of the weight and the load, overload alarm, memorisation of weights etc. Some of these features are really useful in stock control and logistics.


B – Transpalet Scales


This is a great solution for solving the problems of load transportation on pallets in almost any environment. This transpalet scale allows you to know how much load you are moving on a pallet, so there’s no need to move the load onto a steady scale.

The benefits of a transpalet scale are many, but again, like in the case of hanging scales, it will allow you to perform two tasks at the same time: weigh and transport. The transpalet scale can work in any industry and field, it is high resistant, has an electronic visor with total weight counter and remote control options. Definitely it is one of the most versatile heavy duty industrial weighing scales in the market.


Safety first: Load limiters


Load limiters are a key tool of the heavy duty industrial weighing scales. They basically protect the whole structure and machinery from serious damages that can lead to failures and in the worst case big accidents. There are two kinds of load limiters.

Electronic load limiters

They are electronic devices that control and protect the machines from overloads. Since they are electronic they can also perform many other functions at the same time, like anticollision, loose cable control etc. The most advanced safety solution for all heavy duty industrial weighing scales.

Mechanical load limiters

They just control the overload of an weighing and lifting infrastructure through a mechanical system. They are way more economic than electronic load limiters. The main advantages of them is that they can work under any conditions and the maintenance is very simple.