Worldwide overhead crane company on-demand project: lifting devices for coil manipulation and weighing control

Worldwide overhead crane company on-demand project - Lifting equipment supplier - Airpes

Carrying out the design and the manufacturing of a tailor-made project always offers new challenges. As engineers, this is one of the things we like to do the most: to analyze the client’s needs, and find together the ideal solutions, to develop the design in order to supply the best equipment to match real need from customer and to make working environment safe and faster.

Meet our team

The last project has been one of the big ones and, therefore, we want to share it with you. Will you join us?


A nice order from a large overhead crane construction company

A large company dedicated to the construction of overhead cranes gave us the order for eight different devices as part of the lifting equipment to be installed on its cranes, to give end customer global solutions:

  • coil tongs of 30 t capacity
  • C-Hook of 30 t capacity
  • 1 Hook with Scale of 30 t capacity

Some special features

In Airpes, each project is unique and adapted to the specifications requested by the client. The 6 tongs that we are developing for this project, for example, have a weighing system with an accuracy of 0.1% and communicate via WIFI with the customer’s internal control system.

We design and manufacture coil tongs for the most demanding customers all over the world. Our engineers can design and adapt our devices to meet your requests regarding:

  • Mechanical features
  • Electronic components
  • And the highest of safety standards

This project has already been underway for several months, but we still have work to do until the first quarter of 2021. The client has already received some of the tools (as some of coil tongs in the photos) and they are working perfectly.

Working with them has been a great experience and we can only be grateful for the trust they have placed in us to carry out the project.

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What is an overhead crane or bridge crane?

An overhead crane, also called bridge crane, is a typical crane found in industrial environments. It consists of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap and a hoist that travels along the bridge. That hoist is the lifting component of a crane.

In contrast to mobile cranes or construction cranes, overhead cranes are used for manufacturing or maintenance applications where efficiency or downtime is critical.

Airpes: your supplier of lifting, handling and weighing solutions for overhead cranes

With over eighteen years of experience, Airpes is the global supplier you need to lift your project to the next level.

We can adapt all our devices to your specific coil requirements:

  • Load configuration
  • Weighing System
  • Rotating Head
  • Eye coil detection ID
  • Telemeters for height and distance
  • Foldable feet’s for narrow spaces
  • Integrated pulleys to reduce height of the tong

Tell us what you need and we will help you achieve it.