Control the maximum load capacity with Airpes’ weight limiters

Control the maximum load with Airpes' weight limiters - Airpes

When lifting weights there are a number of variables to consider in order to carry out the task efficiently and safely, like the weight limit, or the maximum load capacity of the material handling equipment.

Learn the importance of control de maximum load capacity of your weighing equipments and how electronic weight limiters can help you.

The importance of maximum load capacity

The load capacity is the maximum allowable force that can be applied to a stage in a specified direction while meeting stage specifications. This maximum force includes static (mass × gravity) and dynamic forces (mass × acceleration).

Dynamic forces must include any external forces, such as vibrations acting upon the stage. The amount of acceleration a stage can impart to a mass is limited to the accelerating force it can produce without exceeding a load capacity.

Centered normal load capacity

For linear stages this term refers to the maximum load that can be applied to a stage with the load center of mass at the center of the carriage in a direction perpendicular to the axis of motion and the carriage surface.

Transverse load capacity

Transverse load capacity is the maximum load that can be applied perpendicular to the axis of motion and along the carriage surface. It is normally smaller than the normal load capacity.

Axial load capacity

Axial load capacity is the maximum load along the direction of the drive train. For linear stages mounted vertically, the specified vertical load capacity is usually limited by the axial load capacity.eagle_hq-726x377

5 benefits of electronic limiters

1. They control machines under operation

The main feature of electronic load limiters is that they have the ability to control machines and protect them while you’re using them.

2. Electronic limiters check and control electrical failures

Electronic limiters are also silent watchers of everything that is happening. Thus, if an electrical failure occurs, the device will detect it and inform you right away.

3. They monitor data of your project

In addition, they monitor everything that happens and reflect it with data. They collect information on various elements of the lifting process.

4. Electronic limiters can be connected to the weighing system

Connect your electronic load limiter to any weight detecting sited in: turn pulley, fixed spur, carrier, cable, etc.

5. They are safely manufactured according to the current norm

All Airpes products, handling and weighing systems follow all safety regulations to confirm the best possible use.

Electronic weight limiters help you control the maximum load capacity during weighing processes

An overload limiter for material handling equipment is the necessary device to prevent crane accidents caused by dangerous operations that can exceed the maximum safe load limits of the material handling equipment.

Any unexpected electrical event or failure that may occur will be controlled by the electronic limiters.

Discover Airpes’ electronic weight limiters.