The best pallet truck solves the continuous problems of load transport in any environment. At Airpes we have many transpallet products for you, including the electronic pallet truck ATE-100, suitable for any environment and industry. The pallet truck features and tare weight indicator and totalizer option by an infrared remote control with which you can control the truck pallet.

Acquiring a pallet truck will help your company to make tasks of load a lot easier, which results in an optimization and safety at work.

Choose the best pallet truck with Airpes and solves any problem transporting loads. We are experts in handling and weighing systems.

Hand pallet truck scale ATE-100

Pallet truck scale ATE-100 01 | Airpes Lifting Equipment
The ATE-100 model hand pallet truck scale has been designed to solve the continuous problems of transport of loads towards a steady scale in any environment. Our ATE-100 hand pallet truck scale will g... [+]