Industrial weighing scales with printer

Simple and easy install

Airpes industrial scales with printer are:

  1. Economical
  2. Easy to install and configure
  3. Compatible with different types of weighing systems
  4. Can work via cables or wireless.

We are specialists in the installation of industrial weighing systems.

How to receive the weight of our industrial scale

In Airpes we can install modular printers in any weighing device. The easiest and fastest way to receive the weight registered by the device is by radio control, although it is also possible to connect the printer through different protocols.

In total our printers can receive data in four ways, as chosen by the customer, once viewed the devices and computers that are used within the production process.

How can your printer receive the weight data:

In the industrial world, there is no company that does not need to keep track of its stock and orders.

All those companies that work with goods and have a warehouse will need to make weight readings of the products that enter and leave their facilities to make a correct follow-up of the orders and control of the processes.

Integrating a weight reading system with one of our industrial scales that comes with a printer is fast, simple, and does not involve any changes to the installations.


Radio control

TTL type cable

RS-232 type cable

RS-485 type cable

In Airpes we are the official distributor and installer of AUTEC, a leading company in industrial radio control systems, so we recommend this system for its efficiency and easy installation.

Recording of weights

Our printers connect directly to the weight indicators to keep track of the weights of the different entries and exits from the warehouse. It is also possible to record all the readings in a computerized way, being able to dump all the data in a spreadsheet, for example.


Adapted to every situation

Our printers can work also autonomously, receiving the weight of the device by any of the methods mentioned above (cables or radiocontrol), displaying the figures on an LCD screen and being the user the ultimate who decides whether that record should be printed or not.


Printers are perfect in many situations

We have printers for industrial scales with keyboard to perform different functions and calculate all kinds of variables such as:

  • Gross weight
  • Net weight
  • Tare
  • Accumulation of weights
  • Date and time
  • Name of the company with its fiscal data
  • Name of the device
  • Bar code of the operation

Perfect complement for a multitude of situations

In addition to being very useful for recording weights on industrial scales, printers can also be connected to other weighing devices such as load cells for filling and emptying tanks or storing liquids.

In Airpes we have extensive experience in industrial weighing for companies of all kinds, automating processes and improving the production chain in any company.