Electromagnet for a lifting project in Romania

Airpes’ newest project in Romania

Airpes’ latest project we want to talk to you about today has taken place in Romania. This lifting equipment is an electromagnet for handling hot plates at high temperatures, around 300º C. An on demand solution for a company that needed to renew its old installation and that put their trust on Airpes to do the job.

Because of these high temperatures, the output cycle of the customer’s material was very high and it was necessary to have the highest security measures for the loads and the workers. Airpes comes to action with its plate handling and elevation project, designing, manufacturing and testing the lifting equipment needed to optimize the client’s job.

Details of the lifting equipment

Company SC Elsa Technology SRL needed to optimize an old installation with crane modernization and improve the way they manipulated the material in order to save time and money on their translations. Airpes designed, manufactured and tested the electromagnet, an on demand solution for the client that decided to install the lifting equipment on site.

Airpes’ team tested the electromagnet and sent the corresponding documentation to the client, who successfully installed the electromagnet, adjusting the lifting equipment on site.

The client was very satisfied with the electromagnet and has managed to optimize the output time of the materials in the safest way possible. So, this handling plates project has been efficient and effective.


All about Airpes’ electromagnet

The electromagnet is one of our most popular handling products. They are designed to work in extreme conditions such as high temperatures or dust.

Electromagnets are lifting equipment that adapts to the load to be lifted, making the job much easier for the workers and much safe for both the worker and the load. It’s one of the best lifting equipment in sectors like steel.

Discover all the benefits of Airpes electromagnets on your page. Do not hesitate to contact us and request a quote. We will show you our products in handling, weighing and elevation. Together we will find the on demand solution that fits your company best.

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