New automatic coil tongs for Chinese customer

New automatic coil tongs for Chinese customers - Crosby Airpes

Crosby Airpes China has delivered two new automatic coil tongs for a Chinese client. For this design, we have fulfilled the user’s technical requirements for the safety and automatic control of the equipment thanks to our rich experience in providing coil lifting tongs worldwide.

Functions of the new automatic coil tongs

1. Automatic anti-collision function of the coil tongs:

  • The coil tongs automatically detect the coil and prevent the feet and the body from colliding with it during the descending process.
  • During descending, the coil tongs automatically avoid the feet from the collision with the ground.

2. The coil tongs are highly automated:

Automatic coil lifting tongs can be controlled by the crane autonomously, without the need for human intervention (unless necessary).

  • Crosby Airpes coil tongs automatically detect and locate the position of the center hole of the steel coil during the descending, and they automatically complete the clamping of the two legs to the steel coil.
  • During the automatic clamping process, the coil tongs automatically control the clamping force, avoiding damage to the steel coils.
  • The coil tongs are equipped with highly advanced sensors to ensure that the crane can only lift when both tong feet are attached to the steel coil. It also prevents the steel coil from dropping before unlading.
  • When the crane moves the coil above the target position, the coil can be rotated under the command of the crane with the head fixed, constantly detecting the angle of rotation. That allows unloading the coil according to the actual angle requirement of the unloading position.

3. Easy to operate:

Control and alarm signals of the tongs are integrated into the control system of the crane, allowing the user to control the crane and the coil tong as one piece of equipment. This simplifies the operation for the user and also ensures the safety of the process.

The process of designing and manufacturing an automatic coil tong

At the beginning of 2021, a Chinese client ordered two coil tongs from Crosby Airpes. We held a technical exchange meeting with the client, where we introduced them to the highly automated operation and safety features of our coil tongs.

The client was satisfied with the features of the coil tongs, and they only put forward an additional requirement for the connection between the tongs and the crane. The design of the tongs needs to match the previous crane hook. Crosby Airpes offers on-demand solutions, so the two parties reached an agreement happily.

During the detailed design phase, both parties kept close communication until Crosby Airpes completed the final design and got the final confirmation from the client.

The coil tongs were manufactured at Crosby Airpes installations and sent to the client.

In the end, the two customized coil tongs successfully arrived in the workshop of the Chinese client after long-distance wandering. Now, our customer is making the final preparations for their production lines before putting them into operation.

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