7 tips for a safe crane operation

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When you carry out a crane operation, all precaution is essential. In addition to having a lifting equipment that follows all current regulations, there are a few tips that you can use to make your operation much safer.


7 tips for a crane operation


  1. Create a checklist before the crane operation

One of the easiest ways to work when you have a number of requirements to fulfill: write them on a list and check all of them, do not move on to the next one until the current is completed. These are some of the most important “checks” on your list:

  • Check hoist
  • Check loading chain
  • Check position of hook

And remember: it is very important to do a double check, to make sure that everything is ok with the operation.


  1. Check surroundings and ground conditions / Identify hazards

There are cranes way more prepared than others to work in different terrains, but it is always important to check the surroundings, as well as ground conditions, ensuring that the lifting system is perfectly fixed. Don’t forget to check the surrounding area, detecting possible hazards, getting ahead of them before you get on the crane.


  1. Check your levels

Before starting to work on the crane, it is important for the crane operator to check the oil and gas levels.


  1. Turn off your cellphone

Distractions add danger to the job, specially on crane operations that include lifting and handling systems. Turn off your cell phone when you’re working, as well as other similar distractions.



  1. Follow the Safe Working Load

The SWL (Safe Working Load) defines the maximum load a system can lift. It is essential to follow it, because if we add more weight than recommended, we will be causing an accident.


  1. Monitor every step of the lift

Another way of avoiding danger is to monitor every step of the lifting process. Do not lose sight of everything that is happening and, if you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, stop everything and repair it.


  1. Take all precautions

It is very important to follow common sense and take all necessary precautions to protect workers and the environment.


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