What the best lifting and weighing systems supplier should have

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Faced with a major project involving a handling system, a company looks for the best lifting equipment supplier. At Airpes we work hard to offer everything that a good supplier must have to carry out the projects in a safe and efficient way.

The best supplier of lifting and weighing systems should have:


  1. Experience in lifting and handling

Expertise and years of experience in many sectors are essential for a safe and efficient handling solution. Often, what the customer needs is a lifting and weighing system that saves time and money, and years of experience help make it possible.

  1. A worldwide vision of the handling and lifting sector

Each customer has its own specific needs. It is not the same to design equipment for lifting metal plates as it is to transport a turbine. The environment or the available time are important, and safety is always the top priority. So, having a global vision of the whole set helps to offer the best service.

  1. The ability to design, manufacture and test the lifting equipment

At Airpes we take care of the entire process: the design, manufacture and testing of lifting and weighing systems. In this way, we make sure to offer a finished product we know from the very first drafts.

  1. Being a global lifting equipment supplier

Working around the globe helps us to better understand the reality of different countries. Depending on the area and sector, we can make specific recommendations to help your project be as effective and efficient as possible.


  1. Innovation in all kind of products

Innovation motivates us to move forward, and we always investigate new ways of keep doing things better. One example is Eagle, our electronic limiter and blackbox that offers greatest security and helps improve productivity.

  1. A great customer service

It is very important to convey the confidence of a job well done. We take customer service seriously, from our first contact until we deliver the project, and even after. We’re dealing with big projects, so the customer service must keep up with them.


We are experts in lifting and weighing

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