TÜV certificates: quality in lifting and weighing systems

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The importance of safety in lifting, handling and weighing

At Airpes, safety is the main objective of our work. For this reason, all products and systems designed by Airpes meet with the strictest safety and quality standards in the European Union.

In addition, all design, manufacturing and commercialization of our weighing systems and handling devices processes are certified by UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000 by the renowned German agency TÜV.

What is the TÜV certificate?

TÜV is a certification agency leader in technical services and completely independent. In a 100% neutral way, they are in charge of audits to verify the safety, usability and quality of the products that are consumed.

Airpes is responsible for the designing, manufacturing and testing of lifting and weighing systems. Our goal is to provide a safe working environment that facilitates processes and helps to carry out efficient projects. To meet with all these aspects, we work hard and that is why we are following the strict quality standards of the European Union.



Why Product Certification Is Important

Certifying and ensuring that our lifting systems, weighing and handling equipment are completely safe is a must in order to get the job done right. Our customers trust us, and when we design on demand solutions, we do it with the aim of saving time, but we always take into account the safety of workers and the general work environment. Our quality standards are demanding because we care about safety and a job well done.

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