Solution: Airpes manufactures a drivetrain hydraulic lifting beam

Airpes’ latest on demand solution

Airpes performed an on demand solution for one of his oldest customers using a hydraulic lifting beam able to lift a drive train and able to lift and manipulate in different situations: in the factory , on the field, and working conditions from -30ºC up to 45ºC.


Configurations of the lifting system

Different configurations were considered:

  • Drive train + generator
  • Drive train without generator
  • and in both cases with or without transportation frame.


Installation of the hydraulic lifting beam

Airpes designed, manufactured, tested and installed an hydraulic lifting beam up to 95t with a central lifting point. Also a system to regulate the horizontal axis from 0º up to -7º and the transversal axis ± 1º was developed.

Goals achieved:

o Safe and easy handling from the drive train in different configurations
o Time saving at the industrial process.



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