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Lifting tongs are versatile devices that we can adapt to the needs of every client. Delivering the most amazing lifting solutions is not easy. Each type of lifting equipment must fulfill specific needs we must consider when manufacturing them. We must consider every critical variable to obtain the most suitable tool for each client.

A rock lifting tong is a piece of equipment specifically designed for handling blocks of stone, marble, and similar materials using our classic coil lifting tong design as a base. Discover the on-demand solution Crosby Airpes intended for a company in the extractive sector.

Lifting tongs for the extractive industry

For a company in the extractive sector, we designed adjustable lifting tongs to move blocks of stone, marble, and similar materials used in construction. The design of these clamps starts from the base of the Crosby Airpes coil lifting tongs, with specific adaptations so that the machine can carry out the operations requested by the client.

Adjustable lifting tongs for rock blocks

The client needed lifting tongs to handle and manipulate marble and stone blocks extracted from a quarry and stored in the open air.

Since the type of material the company works with is not affected by weather, it can be stored anywhere without needing an enclosed space or complex security, custody, or preservation system.

This storage system is the most convenient, practical, and economically viable for any company in the sector: this saves costs on the maintenance of buildings and related infrastructure.

Clamp installed on a gantry crane with wheels

For manipulating the blocks of material, the customer has a gantry crane with wheels powered by electric motors that can move freely throughout the storage area.

The gantry crane can support weights of up to 42 tons. In this crane has been installed the lifting clamp, which has the following characteristics:

  • Lifting capacity up to 25 Tons
  • Reinforced and waterproofed structure against water and dust
  • Ability to work outdoors and under all weather conditions
  • Rotary hoist and beam for reorienting parts while in the air
  • Adjustable arms with an opening and closing system to lift blocks of different widths
  • Rotating arms: some pieces are not symmetrical, and one or both arms must be oriented at a different angle to lift such blocks.
  • Anti-opening safety system: the clamp will not open if it detects that the object is not on the ground.
  • An industrial radio-controlled system allows the machine to be operated from the ground.

The experience of a professional team

Crosby Airpes has been in charge, as in all the projects we make, of the study, design, and manufacture of the lifting clamp based on the client’s needs and requirements. This implication allows us to:

  1. Design and provide that lifting system that performs exactly what the customer needs.
  2. The machine adapts to the customer’s working method and not the other way around
  3. The product is known for perfection, which translates into:
    • Increased efficiency in scheduling revisions
    • Greater immediacy during training and transfer of knowledge of use to the client.
    • Fast and immediate resolution of problems and/or breakdowns

Experts in all types of lifting tongs

You can see the tongs of this article in the following video:

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Other designs of lifting tongs

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Automatic tongs

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Crosby Airpes can fulfill your project needs

At Crosby Airpes, we work hard to find the best solution to your needs. We design, manufacture, and test the handling or weighing system that best fits your company. We considered all the factors to ensure safety and improve the process’s efficiency.