The Tr1 and Tr2 models of load cells from Airpes have been specially designed to work under traction with element detecting shear.

Features of Airpes’ traction Load Cells TR1 – TR2

You can use the traction load cells with shackles.
Its construction in alloy steel and chemically treated anticorrosive nickel: 3,000 OIML-R60 divisions.
Leak-tightness IP-67
The traction Load Cells’ capacities go from 500Kg to 100T (Please contact us for other capacities)

Traction Load Cells TR1 – TR2 Characteristics

  • Class of precision C3
  • Sensitiveness: 2±0,1%mV/V
  • Vmin: Emax/10000
  • Voltage of feeding: 5÷15V
  • Resistance at input: 390±3Ω
  • Resistance at output: 350±3Ω
  • Compensated margin of temperature: -10ºC a +40ºC
  • Resistance of insulation: >5000M
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