Electropermanent magnet


Take a look at our electro permanent magnet with its modular system that allows increasing or decreasing the modules according to the particularity of each magnet beam.


Airpes’ electropermanent magnet


Airpes has designed his own electro permanent magnet, based in reliability, heavy duty and flexibility. Airpes manufactures its electro permanent magnet to give the customer the maximum options with its modular system that allows lifting or lowering the modules according to the particularity of each magnet beam.

Airpes has designed its own system and has tested them in the most extreme working conditions to ensure electro permanent magnets quality and safety. The lifting beams are designed according to the request and they can be telescopic (Hydraulic, Mechanical etc…) or fixed beams.



Equipped with a load sensor to ensure that the user can only release the load once it is on the ground, the electro permanent magnet modular system allows different working conditions by activating different programs, to use the different magnets.

The clamping surface is composed by square poles in chess-board disposition, no battery is needed, the energy from the permanent magnets keeps the load clamped for infinite period. These kind of products give a maximum safety level.

Check out this video showing the permanent electromagnet in motion:

Airpes’ permanent electromagnet for the steel sector