Delivery of a Yoke Blade Clamp Installation Tool in China

Airpes (China) Co., Ltd. celebrates its first anniversary with the delivery of a Single Blade Installation Tool in Xingjiang province - Airpes

Airpes (China) Co., Ltd. is satisfied to celebrate its first anniversary with the delivery of the 12th tool designed by the Airpes GROUP engineering team and manufactured by our China branch office. Want to know what it looks like?


A Yoke Blade Clamp Installation Tool for the Xingjiang region

Xingjiang is a region located in the far northwest of China and that is where the latest Single Blade Installation Tool we have designed has traveled.

At this time of year, temperatures are usually below 0ºC, but this challenge is not something that our clamp installation tools cannot handle. Thanks to our internal electrical and hydraulic heating systems (which have been tested and certified at our Airpes GROUP headquarters), this tool can withstand down to -30ºC.

In addition, Airpes (China) is providing on-site support at the wind farm where it is being used to ensure that all clamps are working on neat conditions and to solve any doubts regarding how to operate the tool.

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A Clamp Installation Tool for the Xingjiang region - Lifting Solutions - Airpes