Iván Martínez, Airpes’ new Technical Director

In Airpes believe in a job well done. As experts in lifting, handling and weighing, our goal is to always offer the perfect solution to our customers with the best professionals. We always look for the best people to work in our team and that is why we are eager to announce this happy news today.

For this same reason we are very proud to announce the designation of Iván Martínez as Airpes’ Technical Director.

After working for more than five years in the company, it’s time for Ivan to grow with Airpes and, obviously, grow with us. We are confident that this decision will reflect positively on the new projects and challenges that the new year will bring.

Meet the Airpes team and if you have any questions, please contact us. Together we will find the best solution to your needs and we’ll be able to offer you what you need. Do not hesitate to request a quote.


Ivan Martínez Technical Director Airpes