Design of a special Hook Block Scale of 180t for a Slovenian company

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On demand solution for a Slovenian company

Today we want to tell you about one of our latest on demand solutions, in this case for a Slovenian company that needed a specific equipment to save time and money for their own projects.


A Special Hook Block Scale

During February 2016, we did a great job with our colleagues from Indenna Dvigala, an important company based in Slovenia. They needed a hook block scale, so we designed one having their needs in mind.

A Hook Block Scale is an electronic weighing system with great precision, ready to be adapted to any type of crane. One of the advantages of having a hook block scale in your company is that you can read the elevated load at the very moment, with no need to move it to a steady weighing machine.


Special Hook Block Scale 180t specs

We strongly collaborated to produce a “Special Hook Block Scale of 180t”. These are some characteristics for the equipment:

  • Accuracy: +/- 0,1%
  • Max. capacity: 180t
  • Weighing System incorporated

Results of the on demand solution

As you can see, client’s needs were high, and so was Airpes motivation to fulfill them.
You can see we attached some photos of the hook block scale‘s acceptance verifications in Indenna’s warehouse.


Hook Block Scale for Indenna Dvigala 02 | Weighing Systems | Airpes



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