Types of crane hooks for lifting

Types of crane hooks for lifting - Crosby Airpes

The efficiency and safety of your lifting operations depend mainly on the type of crane hooks you choose. This blog post will explore various crane hooks and their uses and advantages. We will also introduce some of Crosby Airpes’ most innovative products, designed to improve the lifting experience for multiple industries.

With the proper lift hook and below-the-hook equipment, you can optimize your lifting operations and ensure the safety of your staff.

What is a crane hook?

A crane hook is a fundamental piece of lifting equipment for attaching loads to a crane or hoist. It is designed to securely hold and lift heavy loads while allowing for easy connection and disconnection. Crane hooks are typically made of high-strength steel or alloy and are engineered to withstand the stress and strain of lifting operations. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the application and the load’s weight.

Different types of lifting hooks for cranes

Choosing the right lift hook for your operation is as crucial as selecting the appropriate sling or hoist. You can find different models depending on their shape, manufacture, or functionalities.

Industrial lifting hooks differ in two main aspects:

  • The top attachment mechanism determines how the hook attaches to the crane or hoist.
  • The body style of the hoist hook influences the hook’s load-bearing capacity and suitability for specific lifting applications.


Crane hooks according to their shape

Depending on their shape, crane hooks can be categorized into single and double. Single crane hooks are suitable for machinery with loads of up to 75 tons. They are simple and easy to use regardless of the variant. On the other hand, double crane hooks have a similar conception but offer superior bearing for heavier loads over 75 tons.


Closed and semi-closed crane hooks

You can choose between closed and semi-closed crane lifting hook types when considering hook attachments. Closed crane hooks provide the highest possible safety measures and load-bearing potential, though they are harder to use and more time-consuming. Semi-closed crane hooks bridge the gap by offering increased security levels compared to standard lifting hooks while being reasonably more straightforward to attach and dismount than closed hooks.


Crane hooks according to their manufacturing

Based on their manufacturing methods, crane hooks can be forged and laminated. Forged crane hooks are made from a single piece of high-quality, low-carbon steel and are cooled slowly for optimal stress resistance. They are simple to manufacture and use, with straightforward installation. On the other hand, laminated crane hooks consist of multiple steel plates riveted together for higher stress resistance and increased safety. These hooks are designed to continue functioning even if some parts are damaged.

Popular lift hooks types

  1. Eye Hooks feature a loop or “eye” at the top for easy connection to slings and other lifting accessories. They are ideal for general lifting applications and can be used with various rigging equipment.
  2. Clevis Hooks have a U-shaped attachment point with a removable pin, allowing quick and secure connections. They are commonly used in a chain and wire rope slings, offering versatility and ease of use.
  3. Swivel Hooks have a built-in rotating mechanism that allows the hook to spin freely, reducing twisting and stress on the load and rigging. This feature makes them ideal for applications where loads must be turned or maneuvered during lifting.
  4. Sorting Hooks are designed with a long, narrow point to slip into easily and sort through loads such as logs, pipes, or bundled materials. They are commonly used in forestry, construction, and material handling industries.
  5. Foundry Hooks have a wide throat and a notched or flattened tip, allowing them to handle large, bulky loads without slipping. They are frequently used in foundries, steel mills, and other heavy industries.
  6. J-Hooks have a J-shaped design, making them well-suited for lifting and securing loads with curved or rounded surfaces, such as pipes, tubes, or tires. They are often used in transport and automotive applications.
  7. Grab Hooks have a narrow throat and a clevis attachment, designed to grab onto and hold a chain tightly. They are typically used in chain sling assemblies and for load binding in transportation applications.
  8. Drum / Barrel Hooks: these are specially designed for lifting and handling drums, barrels, and similar cylindrical objects. They securely grip the rim or chime of the container, allowing for safe and efficient material handling.

C-hook for handling metal coils - Crosby Airpes

Crosby Airpes’ lifting hooks for cranes


Crosby Airpes’ C-Hooks are designed for lifting and handling heavy loads in industries such as steel mills, ports, and manufacturing facilities. These hooks are engineered to provide a safe and efficient method for lifting and moving large coils, slabs, and other heavy materials. C-Hooks are available in various capacities and sizes, ensuring a perfect solution for your specific lifting needs.


Discover more about the C-Hook for lifting metal coils.


Weighing Hooks

Crosby Airpes’ Weighing Hooks are a game-changer for industries that require precise weight measurements of their loads. These hooks have an integrated load cell that accurately measures the weight of the load during lifting operations. This real-time weighing feature eliminates the need for separate weighing equipment and increases efficiency in logistics, construction, and other industries where precise weight measurements are crucial.


Hook Block Scale

The Hook Block Scale from Crosby Airpes is an innovative lifting solution combining a high-quality lifting hook and an integrated weighing system. The hook’s digital display allows easy weight monitoring during lifting operations, ensuring safety and efficiency. This versatile product is perfect for various applications, including logistics, construction, and manufacturing.

Crosby Airpes: your supplier of custom lift hooks and below-the-hook equipment

Crosby Airpes is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom lift hooks and below-the-hook equipment. With our extensive experience and commitment to innovation, we provide top-quality lifting solutions to various industries worldwide, such as wind energy or metallurgy. Our products are designed to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity in lifting operations, ensuring our customers receive the best value for their investment.

If you’re looking for the perfect crane hook, lifting hook, or other below-the-hook equipment, look no further than Crosby Airpes.