Transport & Handling Project for a U.K. Fabricator

Handling on demand solution for a U.K. fabricator

Today we want to show you how Airpes performed an on demand solution for a customer including transport and handling Steel plates. The client was a U.K. fabricator and needed 2 lifting beams to take care of the steel plates handling.

The handling process

Process included handling and transport of Steel plates (up to 19.5 m in length) to the presses.

Airpes supplied 2 lifting beams equipped with vacuum systems composed of 64 suction pads to ensure correct positioning and grip on the steel plates to safely transport.

Placing the Steel plates on the presses was extremely time consuming, but transportation process efficiency increased more than 40% over previous method.

The best handling solutions

At Airpes we offer you the best handling solutions. Contact us and we will help you and assist you. We will study your situation and your need and define the best on demand solution for you.