The best prices in lifting beams

Lifting beams for your loads

Lifting beams are below-the-hook devices designed to lift different types of loads, with just one or multiple attachment points.

We, at Airpes, design on demand solutions according to our customer’s needs, so your lifting beam will work perfectly under your working conditions.

You can check some of our work like our hydraulic adjustable lifting beam or our motorized lifting beam with magnets.

Airpes offers all types of beams:

  • Fixed lifting beams

  • H lifting beams

  • Moveable centre of gravity lifting beams

  • Hydraulic powered lifting beams

  • Lifting beams with levelling system

  • Motorized rotating lifting beams


How do lifting beams work

Airpes designs lifting beams that space the hooks or chains that hold the loads. You can include a crane hook in them and also connect the slings. The next step is deciding which is the load to be lifted and lift it perfectly.

Airpes has manufactured special lifting beams for different applications and sectors like:

  • Renewable energy sources (specially wind turbines, nacelle’s, rotors, blades etc.)
  • Industrial applications: steel mills, paper mills, aeronautics and aero spatial facilities and solar energy (Thermo solar plants).

Our lifting beams are available in many sizes, so you can choose the one that you prefer. Our engineers can totally adapt the beams to customer’s needs offering excellent results, improving the handling of your loads.




Find the best lifting beams at Airpes

Choosing the right headroom will help stabling the lift of your load. We offer you our knowledge and decades of experience designing lifting beams so you can have the lifting equipment that fits best your company’s needs.

Contact us at Airpes and we will provide you with the best quote. We offer you the best prices in lifting beams while providing you with the highest lifting equipment quality.


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