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Today we want to talk to you about our electronic limiters, weighing systems designed to increase safety in your workplace. Let’s get to know them.


What does an electronic limiter do?

An electronic limiter is a device created and designed to control and protect overloading machines under operation. Electronic limiters can detect and control any electrical failure.

Our electronic limiters can monitor and record data about many lifting and weighing systems, gathering information from different elements in the elevation process.


Eagle, the brain to your industrial crane

Eagle electronic limiter and Blackbox 04 | Landing | Airpes

Eagle is the latest addition to our electronic limiters. It is considered the brain to your industrial crane. It is a weighing system designed with a multi overload protector, safety control, multi anti collision crane system along with full connection with the Blackbox app.

Do not miss anything about Eagle, our newest addition to our electronic limiter range, in its own space.


Airpes’ electronic limiters

All of Airpes’ electronic limiters follow every policy and regulation, something that we take very seriously and that is quite important in this type of electronic limiters, since they bear part of the security project.

Discover all of the electronic limiters from Airpes and choose the one that best fits your company.





The best electronic limiters for your crane

We can help your company with our solutions, including electronic limiters. Our lifting systems will help you grow, make your job easier, successful and time-saving.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in an electronic limiter or any other type of weighing or handling system. We will help you find the best solution to your need and we will adapt it and design it according to your situation at a very competitive price.


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