Permanent Electromagnet ATEM-8

Airpes introduces its new Telescopic Permanent-Electro Magnetic System. A permanent electromagnet gives the customer the maximum options with its modular system allowing lifting or lowering the modules.

Our permanent electromagnet comes with its own modular system that allows increasing or decreasing the modules according to the particularity of each magnet beam.

Mechanics of the permanent electromagnet

The Telescopic Permanent Electromagnet ATEM-8 is activated by double effect cylinders and single rod, of 63 mm and 36 mm. The system holds the cylinder with stumps on the head, allowing a superior pushability and it’s also 4 times stronger than similar products.

This permanent electromagnet consists of large hot rolled steel pipes, made to accommodate hydraulic cylinders larger than the other companies’. This implies more security.

Slippage is done by high density polyethylene SODER 500 skates, enabling, unlike others, to adapt the product to commercial profiles. The permanent electromagnet system creates an hydraulic-oil mini PBX with flow divider to ensure an equal extension of both arms and, also, keep the system in balance.

Permanent electromagnet modules

Permanent electromagnet modules are of magnetic high cappacity and can withstand more than 4000 kg.
The added value of the modules is the electric-electronic management of the magnetic signal and its power range up to Full Mag to grab and separate plates of a stack.

Electric permanent electromagnet

Airpes develops its own technology permanent electromagnet control, adjustable in all parameters:

  • Permanent electromagnet power control (reducing costs and repairs, an easy modification and 4 pre selectable power levels)
  • Electrical box with a phase meter to detect a right network connection and disable any operation in case there is no connection.
  • Switchboard control by PLC (allows customization and technical assistancia via modem).
  • Two detectors instead of one as a security measure to detect any suspended system.

Choose the best permanent electromagnet

Contact us and we will help you finding the best permanent electromagnet for you and your company. We will assist you and offer our expertise to find the best solution to your needs.

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