Special weighing system for a cuban scrap truck

Weighing system for a cuban scrap truck

Today we want to present one of our first on demand solutions. It is a special weighing system designed for a scrapping vehicles company in Cuba.

Given the need to develop a stable weighing system to ensure accurate weight control of materials, Airpes was contacted by the customer.

Design and installation of the weighing system

Airpes, as specialists in handling, weighing and lifting, designed, manufactured, tested and finally installed the weighing system composed of 4 sets of load cells and a mechanical limiter on the trolley, ensuring a correct, efficient and safe weighing. The load cells are designed to absorb direct hits.

Results of the weighing system

After more than a decade, the weighing system works perfectly and according to safety regulations. The new weighing system also reduced maintenance costs by 50%.

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Special weighing system for a cuban scrap truck | Airpes