Airpes retrofits a GE offshore nacelle lifting beam for a decommissioning service

Retrofit de una viga de elevación de góndola offshore de GE - Airpes

Airpes has worked closely with technicians, engineers, and the entire staff of GE Renewable Energy offshore division to retrofit a 2011 nacelle lifting beam for new decommissioning work.

Adapting old wind energy equipment for new situations

In 2011, Airpes manufactured a new 490 t capacity nacelle lifting beam for Haliade 150 wind turbines. After using it, the equipment was stored until it has been necessary for decommissioning a nacelle in Saint-Nazaire (France).

Airpes has teamed up with the GE Renewable Energy team to address all technical and logistical difficulties arising from the cost and complexity of having large capacity cranes available for the scheduled dates.

It has been necessary to adapt the nacelle lifting beam to new needs. Airpes has performed a complete overhaul of the machine and some electrical and hydraulic modifications. We have also added support for new slings and shackles and manufactured new lifting lugs.

Airpes would like to thank GE Renewable Energy offshore division for its commitment and support in this project.

Airpes helps you fulfill your wind energy industry challenges

Airpes can design and manufacture long-lasting equipment for the wind industry that can be reused and reconditioned over time to fulfill new functions. Such as our solution for the installation of wind blades easily adaptable for maintenance work thanks to cameras and telemeter kit.

We will be glad to team up with you to help you fulfill every challenge you might find in your onshore and offshore wind energy projects.