The Load Cell Converter ACO-200 is a load cell to CANopen converter.
Reads the analog signal of the load cell, converts it into a weight value, and sends it to eagle via CANopen messages.

Airpes’ Load Cell Converter ACO-200 Features

Hardware filter to improve the analog signal.
Special configuration for linear and nonlinear load cells.
Up to 12 points of reference for nonlinear load cells.
Detection of broken wire.
Detects and sends specific messages for underweight, overload, over/under range and broken cable.
Completely configurable from eagle through CANopen.

Benefits of the Load Cell Converter ACO-200
Reduces wiring costs because all the load cells are connected with only one shielded cable hose of 4 wires.

Eliminate completely the reading errors caused by induced voltages and electrical noise in the wiring, caused by motors and drives.

Suitable for any type of load cell or group of cells with summed output.

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