Introducing Eagle, Airpes’ brain for your industrial crane

We are proud to present our newest lifting equipment at Airpes: Eagle.

Eagle is the new brain to you industrial crane. Designed with a multioverload protector, safety control, multi anticollision crane system and full connection with the Black Box app. This lifting equipment will make the job quite easy in an innovative way.

We presented Eagle, our latest lifting equipment, at CeMAT 2014 and it’s been a real success since then. We started managing the first orders and we’re hoping for more to come.

Check our promotional video for Airpes’ Eagle along with all its details.

Eagle includes:

Digital load limiter
Safety control – multioverload protector
Safe working period controller – your best tool for preventive maintenance system
Safety control on tandem mode
Multi anticollision crane system

Check all of the details at eagle’s product page in here.

Airpes - Eagle