Electropermanent lifting magnet 50 tons capacity

In Airpes we are experts in designing and adapting any lifting system to the needs of each customer, either in terms of capacity or number of functions to be performed by the machine. In this article we would like to present one of our latest works: the construction of a permanent lifting electromagnet for handling and holding heavy steel plates by magnetisation.

Permanent magnet for plates up to 50 tons


A permanent magnet, unlike a conventional electromagnet, keeps the load attached for an infinite time through the natural magnetization offered by the device’s permanent magnets. To release the load we apply an electric current that cancels the magnetic field. A permanent electromagnet therefore works in the opposite way to a classic electromagnet (for more information on the operation of our electromagnets read our post on lifting magnets design).


Image above: the electropermanent lifting magnet during the start-up process

Permanent electromagnet for heavy-duty works

The permanent electromagnet we installed in this project is designed and adapted to lift steel plates up to 15 cm thick and 50 tons in weight. The production plant has a high service factor.


Image above: start-up and first tests

Designed for the wind industry

The steel plates that will have to manipulate this system are used for the construction of towers of wind mills. At Airpes we have been actively designing lifting systems for the wind industry for several years, so we have been able to adapt the system to the customer’s needs quickly and successfully.


Image above: the plates that will be manipulated by the permanent electromagnet will be used to build wind towers.

Safety and the latest technology in all our electropermanent lifting magnets


In Airpes we incorporate the best security systems to all our electropermanent lifting magnets to make the work more comfortable, practical and above all safe. The security systems that were incorporated to this device were the following:

Modular system

We program the system to be able to use different configurations and activation sequences just by indicating it to the machine. In this way, certain groups of magnets can be deactivated in order to adapt to different types of dimensions of the plates to be lifted.

Different working modes

The system comes with several pre-programmed working modes that can be remotely selected to adapt the electromagnet to different types of tasks. In this way they will only use the lifting capacities that are needed in each situation.

Anti-release system

All our electropermanent lifting magnets have an anti-release system that detects whether the charge is in the air or not and thus prevents the charge from being released if it is not firmly placed on the ground.

Tailor-made beam

We calculated the efforts that the permanent magnet would have to bear to design a lifting beam with the exact size and capabilities that the customer needed. We can make extendable, hydraulic, fixed lifting beams…


Image above: performance tests and trials.

Trust Airpes for your lifting systems

At Airpes we study each case individually in order to design a lifting system that offers exactly what the customer needs. From the capacity of the cranes, the tasks to be carried out by the system or the special needs of the environment such as electrical risk, explosives, working environments with high temperatures (iron and steel industry)…


Image above: Our permanent electromagnet ready to start work