Gantry Crane: uses and variations

Gantry Crane: uses and variations

The gantry crane is a design of crane placed on a gantry structure or similar, with the whole structure designed to straddle above a space carrying the load or the object that needs to be moved. The gantry crane is one of the most common cranes in the world and can be adapted to many uses. As well the size can be scalable to almost every use and the hoist that the crane uses can perform many different actions. In Airpes we are experts in designing the best equipment so your gantry crane can effectuate many different operations. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Moving loads

The biggest existing gantry cranes are those used for moving heavy loads, specially for loading and unloading off containers from boats in decks and harbours. As well, there are some big gantry cranes used for the construction of boats, cruise ships and oil rigs, capable of moving tenths of thousands of tons. In fact the biggest cranes in the world are gantry cranes: simple but effective design. 

Weighing loads

With a small adaptation of the crane it can be used for weighing heavy loads with precision. No need to use a loaded lorry on an industrial scale to know how many tons of material you are transporting or moving. With a high-precision scale for big weighs your gantry crane will allow you to weigh at the same time you are moving the material inside your production plant. Efficiency taken to the limits. 

Rotating loads

Turning heavy loads without damaging them or causing damage to goods, people or infrastructures is a very critical operation. It doesn’t matter if it is a concrete structure, the keel of a boat or any intermediate product that needs to be rotated for carrying out more operations on it. A few tons falling on the floor because a bad load turning device means a huge economic and material loss and probably damages to goods and infrastructure. With the adequate hoist and mechanism Airpes can adapt your gantry crane for rotating any kind of object, it doesn’t matter the size, volume and weight.