Autec presents the Compact Hoist Receiver (CHR)

Autec, Airpes’ radiocontrol supplier for more than a decade presents the Compact Hoist Receiver, also known as CHR.

The hoist has been specifically designed for lifting machines requiring a limited number of commands and other compact lifting applications.

It is equipped with a red blinker that flashes whenever a radio link is active between the transmitting unit and the receiving unit, in compliance with the European standard EN 15011 (Art. 5.7.4).

An integrated horn is also available as an optional acoustic signal when the system is started up. A multiple 10-pole plug integrated in the receiving unit allows quick and easy installation.

A compact size makes this hoist suitable for all kinds of winches.

Some of its strong points are:

– Wide power supply range
– Compact dimensions
– Integrated blinker and horn
– Protection against unintended movements
– Programmable output relays
– And many more

We are an official Autec distributor since 2003 through our own worldwide network.

Autec | Compact Hoist Receiver