Autec introduces the Air series joystick controllers

Autec, Airpes’ radiocontrol supplier, introduces the Air series joystick controllers.

The AJM, AJR and AJS joystick controllers are the safe, ergonomic and robust solutions to remotely control automation, lifting, and material handling applications.
These radiocontrol products are also applicable to machines with proportional, digital or mixed commands, with logic function programming or requiring that the machine status be visualized.

Both the version with digital and with analogue commands enable countless configuration options. This is due to a large number of switches and up to 6 joysticks that may be mounted, but mainly to a wide range of functions and options available.


    • The 1.54″ or 2.7″ displays and the LEDs show information from the controlled machine, while the analogue input interface enables the radio remote control to be directly connected to the machine sensors, without any further device.
    • The address key may be easily and quickly removed from the outside and may be customised according to the different functions for all the operators enabled to use it.
    • The Li-ion battery is optional and ensures 40-hour run time, no memory effect nor ageing.
    • The aluminium panel is an option protecting screen printing in highly aggressive environments.
    • More options, such as cable control, Infrared Start-Up and Infrared Range Limiter, Zero G Sensor and Tilt Sensor may be requested as an option.


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