Airpes designs hydraulic trucks for the steel sector

The Steel sector involves the handling of heavy material, a difficult task in some cases. When that moment arrives, we, at Airpes, are there to provide you the best systems to handle your loads in any sector.

Today we want to talk about a Taylor made solution by Airpes for a Spanish client in the Steel sector, including hydraulic cars driven by CPS.

First, there was an inefficient separation system of newly finished pieces. A safe and efficient transportation of pieces was needed. They had to be loaded, transported for 100 meters and subsequently discharged.

Airpes, specialists in lifting and weighing, designed, manufactured, installed and launched two hydraulic cars scheduled to transit a previously established circuit.

The operating time was reduced by over 60%, meeting all safety regulations.

See in more detail the technology and the system used by Airpes on the solution’s page.

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