5 safety tips while using electromagnets

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Electromagnets help us to lift metal plates and transport them comfortably and quickly. Today we are going to review some safety tips for electromagnets.

The best safety tips for using electromagnets


  1. Define the type of plates you want to lift

All factors that help us determine the operation of the permanent electromagnet must be taken into account. The number of plates to be lifted, their weight or the conditions of the surface on which they are located are essential details. For example, if some of the materials create an air gap between the magnet and the plate, this will have an impact on the lifting.

  1. Check potential hazards in the environment

The two main hazards of electromagnet lifting are falling elements, which is also common in all types of lifting projects, and electromagnetic fields. Something as simple as an active body implant that can be affected by the electromagnetic field. Keeping it in mind and keeping a safe distance will be enough to make it safer.



  1. Protect your business and your lifting system from power failures

If power is interrupted, an electromagnet will not release the load. But it’s always important that you check your system.

  1. Check the permanent electromagnet before use

In addition to electrical problems, you must never forget to do a complete overhaul of the lift system. You can create a checklist that you can check every time the electromagnet is going to be used and so, until all the requirements are met, the usage doesn’t start.

  1. Choose the permanent electromagnet that best suits your project

For your project you will probably need a specific permanent electromagnet, because each company and each project has its own needs. At Airpes we help you find the lifting system that best suits you so that you can work as safely as possible.