Upender and gangway design for an Adwen offshore project

Upender and gangway for an offshore project

Today we present you our last on demand solution, a useful upender or tilter and a gangway for an offshore project of the company Adwen.

Adwen needed a lifting equipment to assemble a part of the JV8-170 / JV8-180 wind turbine drive train, also known as MSA.

Airpes is responsible of the design, manufacturing and testing of this upender as well as the gangway that will assemble those different parts of the MSA.

The gangway is fully designed to assemble the MSA at ground level, so it can be used as a work table.

The 2 phases of tilter assembly

The process of assembling each part of the wind turbines’ drive train has two phases, with two main elements:

  • Turning of the bearing housing: the parts are supported on the structure horizontally
  • Hollow shaft: the shaft is installed horizontally and rises about 90 degrees.

After vertical assembly, the assembly process is carried out horizontally, with the following sub-structures: the coupler, the multiplier and, finally, the generator.

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