Handling system for Sailing Yacht & Motorboat Manufacturers

Airpes, specialist in handling and weighing, designed a new handling system for a Sailing Yacht & Motorboat Manufacturers in an on demand solution.

In this particular case we had a real challenge designing this handling system because of its special needs. The client faced an extremely difficult situation, having problems transporting all of the main bodies of the yachts due to lack of appropriate tools and lifting equipment. They reached Airpes to find a solution together that fitted their needs. In this case, we found that a handling system would have to be designed in order to lift all of the yachts safely and efficiently.

Airpes designed, manufactured and supplied a new handling system to rotate the main body of yachts.

In this on demand solution there are two different lifting beams which worked in this handling system. The main lifting beam was equipped with a powerful crown capable of enough torque handle all different yachts models.

At the end of the project, the customer’s handling system was safer and more efficient than the initial situation, being able to transport the bodies of all of their yachts and doing it safely and efficiently.

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