Autec presents LK Neo, its newest radiocontrol unit

Autec’s latest radiocontrol product

Autec has upgraded one of their radiocontrol products to present us LK Neo, a new way to control your loads. Autec is Airpes’ radiocontrol supplier since 2003.

All about LK Neo, Autec’s new radiocontrol product

Autec offers a brand new product with a modern and functional design in radiocontrol. LK Neo provides many new features within an ergonomic design with a balanced weight for a radiocontrol product.

The unit’s command is available with 6, 8, 10 and 12 buttons. You can choose a customized color display on commands with 6 or 10 buttons.

Standard kit of Autec’s radiocontrol product LK Neo includes:

  • Transmitting unit, receiving unit
  • Battery, battery charger
  • Protective cover, shoulder strap
  • User CD manual

LK Neo features | Autec | Radiocontrol | Airpes

LK Neo’s features

  • STOP function complies with EN ISO 13849-1
  • Dual-Band Technology 434 – 915 MHz
  • Up to 12 pushbuttons
  • Highly customizable with many additional options
  • Optional 1.8” color display (on 6 or 10-button configurations)
  • Removable NiMH or Li-ion battery with charger
  • ID internal tx memory or Key ID 0-1
  • Operating range up to 100 meters
  • Ultra-smooth cover and shoulder strap on standard configurations
  • Customizable labeling
  • Suitable for Multiple-Unit Systems

Autec, Airpes’ radiocontrol supplier

Autec is an Airpes official radiocontrol distributor since 2003. They design, manufacture and deliver wireless control systems specifically for safety applications.

With an innovative design, robustness and reliability their radiocontrol products are used in countless applications: e.g. industrial overhead cranes, truck mounted and construction cranes, construction and maintenance machinery, factory automation, and machines and systems for logistics and manufacturing processes.

LK Neo | Autec | Radiocontrol | Airpes